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25th April, 2022


There has been considerable talk and column inches from all the ‘big boys’ about the switch to concentrates, but manufacturing concentrated formulas is nothing new, we have been doing it for over 21 years!
Our concentrate and super-concentrate formulations offer improved performance and save on single-use bottles, and when combined with our easy-to-use dilution systems, are amazingly straightforward and cost-effective to use.


The main benefits of concentrated products are their economy in-use and sustainability. At the point of use, the end-user is mixing water with concentrated liquid in to BioBax’s re-usable plastic bottles and dilution control systems. These bottles and systems get used repeatedly, hundreds of times before they wear out and need to be replaced. Ready-to-use bottles get used just once before they are thrown away and unless they are recyclable they often end up in landfill, so there is significantly less plastic waste when you are using a concentrated system.
As the end-user is using their own water to make the cleaning solution on site, when compared with ready-to-use products, far less space is needed in vehicles transporting products from manufacturer to end-user or distributor to end-user. This lowers fuel consumption and reduces the number of vehicles on the road, and hence, the carbon footprint. There are other positive environmental benefits too, in our factory there is less water, less plastic, fewer labels, reduced packaging, less lifting, less storage space and less effluent.
Why not consider a switch to our concentrates or super-concentrate and see the financial and environmental saving!
For details of dilution control sprayers click here, contact your distributor or contact us here at BioBax to discuss further.

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I highly recommend all of BioBax products and will continue to use them for life!

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