Zybax Ultra Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Kit Contains:
12 x 1Litre Zybax ULTRA Concentrate | 1 x 750ML Zybax ADVANCE Ready To Use | 2 x Zybax Trigger Sprayer | 1 x Zybax Pressure Sprayer
Complete with user guide

Core Features Of Zybax Ultra:
4 Active Odour Eliminators
Perfect For Use On All Surfaces
Ideal For Stubborn Odours

Core Features Of Zybax Advance:
Revolutionary Odour Eliminating AqFresh™ Technology
Compatible With All Zybax Microbiological Products
The Perfect Air Freshener For Stubborn Odours

OdourbondTM is a Trademark property of BioBax Ltd.

Perfect For Use On:
Carpets, fabrics, upholstery, walls, tiles, laminates, melamine, wood, plastics
Pack Sizes Available:
Pallet Sizes: 24 cases

All our packaging is fully recyclable

Zybax Ultra Starter Kit

Zybax Ultra Application:

NEVER use undiluted.

Shake bottle well before diluting with warm water, NOT hot. Apply direct to the surface and ensure the surface is free from chemicals such as sanitisers which may affect the biological performance.

Once diluted, for best results use in 14 days and mix up fresh solution for any problem areas.

shake dilute apply

Apply using: Cloth, mop, trigger spray, pump sprayer, in a scrubber drier or carpet machine.

Zybax Advance Application:

Always spray away from face and avoid direct inhalation.

Apply using the Zybax Advance trigger sprayer in to the air as a freshener or on fabrics and furnishings when you require a quick and instant result.

The Science of Zybax Ultra:

Using science to eliminate the source. Zybax Ultra is a new generation odour-control solution, using five layers of science to attack odours and dirt.

  • Enzymes cut through any biofilm normally made from residual dirt, left-over surfactants and bad bacteria
  • Friendly Zybax bacteria dominate the area, breaking down waste such as urine, faeces, vomit and milk into harmless by-products such as water and carbon dioxide
  • Zybax Odourbond binds up any bad odour molecules in the air which eliminates their volatility and therefore the odour
  • An exceptional performing low-foaming surfactant which is tough on dirt and stubborn soiling, cleaning and removing dirt
  • Carefully selected and blended fragrances that complement any environment

The Science of Zybax Advance:

Supramolecular Capture
Patented odour suppressing technology that deals with a wide range of molecules, including VOCs and allergens.
Most malodours are caused by volatile organic compounds. AqFresh™ captures and holds tough, lingering and obnoxious odours removing them from the air.
aq fresh
Dilution Standard Heavy
750ml 30ml 125ml
5 Litres 200ml 1000ml
General 25:1 5:1

Here you can download our latest Data Sheets for Zybax Ultra Starter Kit.

You will need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat to open the Data Sheet.

Zybax Ultra Safety Data Sheet - Linen

Zybax Ultra Safety Data Sheet - Mint

Zybax Advance Safety Data Sheet - Linen

Zybax Advance Safety Data Sheet - Mint

Zybax Ultra Starter Kit Product Leaflet

BioBax offers a full training programme for the Zybax range, this includes a training certificate and documented training record for housekeepers, operatives or distributor sales teams.

Training can be at your site, at a time to suit you, online or at our facility. Please contact us for details of the next available training dates, or click directly to the Learning Centre to complete your training.

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Zybax Ultra Starter Kit

Zybax Ultra Starter Kit

Starter Kit

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