Paper Straws Yorkshire

The Ethical Straws!

Whatever the occasion, our biodegradable, compostable and recyclable paper straws are fit to grace any bar, restaurant, night club or home.

Made from 100% natural, ethically sourced and fully certified materials, it’s refreshing to know that every sip you take will do nothing harmful to the world around us.

This is achieved after undertaking extensive research. The paper we use is wet food grade kraft paper. It’s designed to stay sturdy and strong and it doesn’t go soggy. But, equally as important, these are sustainable materials, responsibly sourced from reputable European suppliers – high-quality straws that are user and eco-friendly. As for the glues and inks we use, these too are sourced from the UK and Europe and meet the most stringent European food-grade standards. Every element of our straws – from origin to application – has nature in mind.

ECO Recycling is at the heart of what we do. Fully recyclable and biodegradable. All our products in compliance with European Regulation EC 1935/2004 and EEC Regulation.

Paper Straws Yorkshire is an Independent partner to Paper Straws London

Paper Straws Yorkshire

Food Safety & Manufacturing Compliance
All products in compliance with European Regulation EC 1935/2004 and EEC Regulation. The European Food Safety Authority standards (EFSA) the Food Standards Agency (FSA) BRC global standards and HSE guidelines.

Eco-friendly and Recyclable
Recycling is at the heart of what we do. Biodegradable by nature and produced from natural origins. Every component that goes into manufacturing our Paper Straws, including packaging, is fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, breaking down and decomposing into safe organic elements within a short space of time – naturally!

Lowest carbon footprint
Unlike most straws, which are made in China, all our straws are manufactured in the UK. We ship our straws, in bulk to Yorkshire for small orders and deliver direct for larger orders, all to save unnecessary journeys.

Available in a variety of pack sizes. Supplied in cardboard cartons.

Style Colours Available Straw Size Straws per Box
Solid Colour Black, White 6mm x 200mm 250
Striped Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink 6mm x 200mm 250
Cocktail Black or White Solid 6mm x 140mm 250
Individually Wrapped Black Solid, Red Striped 6mm x 200mm 2000
Individually Wrapped White Solid, Blue Striped 8mm x 200mm 1500

Paper Straws Yorkshire in Action

Paper Straws Yorkshire Cocktail Straw Blue
Paper Straws Yorkshire Cocktail Straw Green
Paper Straws Yorkshire Cocktail Straw White
Paper Straws Yorkshire Cocktail Straw Yellow
Paper Straws Yorkshire Smoothie Black
Paper Straws Yorkshire Smoothie Orange
Paper Straws Yorkshire Smoothie Purple
Paper Straws Yorkshire Smoothie Ras
Product Red

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